February 19, 2019

Employee Benefits Broadcast - September 20, 2018

Please join Foley’s Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation and Labor & Employment teams as we discuss timely and crucial developments for employers. Topics will include:

Incentive Stock Options – A Review and Fresh Perspective in a New Tax World

Casey Fleming will review the Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) requirements, outline some top tips, and discuss the potential advantages of using (or increasing the use of) ISOs for employees after the passage of tax reform.

Health Plan Spotlight: Consider Refiling Your ACA Tax Forms If You Made Either of These Common Tax Reporting Mistakes, and a Basic Survival Guide for an HHS Audit

Nick Welle will discuss two common Affordable Care Act (ACA) tax reporting mistakes that are being made which are triggering letters from the IRS assessing major proposed ACA penalties. Also, Nick will provide a high level “survival guide” for HIPAA compliance in case your health plans are audited or investigated by HHS in the age of enhanced enforcement (HHS is in the process of conducting a new phase of audits).

Tips for Drafting an Effective and Compliant Employee Handbook (Including How to Address Employee Benefits)

Caroline Hogan will discuss current key issues that may indicate your employee handbook needs updating and offer some “dos” and “don’ts” for drafting employee handbooks. Caroline will also discuss how employee benefits should be addressed in an employee handbook.

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