January 27, 2021

Volume XI, Number 27

Employer Think Tank: Moving the Needle on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion [WEBINAR]

McDermott’s Employment group is proud to invite you to a keynote presentation with Vernā Myers, Vice President, Inclusion Strategy at Netflix and Founder of The Vernā Myers Company, a nationally recognized consultancy on diversity and inclusion.


Please join us on Friday, December 4 at 12:00 pm CT, as Vernā discusses Inclusive Leadership and Allyship.

As our workplaces and society are coming to a deeper awareness of racism and other forms of interpersonal and institutionalized bias, employees and leaders struggle with how they can be part of the solution for change. Inclusive Leadership is imperative to creating real change in our organizations, industries, and communities and Allyship is equally vital in helping to remove barriers that many Black people and other marginalized groups confront on a daily basis.

This presentation will help participants understand the importance of the spectrum of what it means to develop and foster inclusive workplaces. Participants will learn the specific elements of Inclusive Leadership and Allyship, how to leverage their privilege, build authentic relationships, and avoid common pitfalls as they work to create fairness, justice, and meaningful opportunity for all.