May 15, 2021

Volume XI, Number 135

ESG Fundamentals - Sustainable Investing and Social Justice Issues Impacting Board and Corporate Diversity [WEBINAR]

Join us for the second installment of our two-part introductory Mintz ESG webinar. ESG - environmental, social, and governance criteria are becoming increasingly more important for the evaluation of investment philosophy, corporate behavior, and corporate performance.

ESG is evolving to encompass a broad range of social developments that affect shareholder interests. Some of those topics include environmental sustainability, the economic, community, and health impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, the focus on gender and racial equity in board composition, and the moral imperative of achieving racial justice — not just in the boardroom but throughout corporate America.

In this webinar, members of Mintz’s multidisciplinary ESG team and CEO and Director David Crane, Climate Change Crisis Real Impact, Acquisition Corporation, will explore these ESG developments.

Panelists include:

Tom Burton -– Member & Chair, Mintz’s Energy & Sustainability Practice – who will speak about some of the legal issues associated with environmental and social impact investing


David W. Crane - Chief Executive Officer and Director, Climate Change Crisis Real Impact, Acquisition Corporation, will speak about social impact investing

Jen Rubin -– Member, Employment Labor and Benefits Section - Who will speak about current Federal and state statutory initiatives aimed at regulating gender and racial balance for board composition and current litigation related to board diversity

Tyrone Thomas – Member & Chair, Mintz’s Diversity Committee, who will speak about the impact of corporate diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives on ESG

NY and CA CLE Credit:

Mintz is an approved CLE provider. This seminar is accredited in the following states: California (1.0 general credit) and New York (1.0 credit in the Areas of Professional Practice).