June 14, 2021

Volume XI, Number 165

The Evolving Site of Health Care: Considerations for SPACs in the Health Care Sector

Health care delivery is rapidly changing, and industry stakeholders are at the forefront of these changes. A notable theme among the industry’s transformations is The Evolving Site of Care.

In the past few years, we have seen changes with respect to value, efficacy, personalized care, access, transparency, convenience and consumerization. We hope that you join our Proskauer attorneys and panel of industry knowledge leaders for a series of short conversations where we discuss operations, investments, trends and regulatory aspects relating to the tremendous shift in the site of health care delivery.

Considerations for SPACs in the Health Care Sector

We will kick off this series with part one of a two-part conversation centered around special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). With the rise in popularity of SPACs, many companies that will drive the future of health care delivery are contemplating this structure as a way to go public. Part one of our series will focus on health care-related considerations connected to the formation of SPACs. Specifically this conversation will address:

  • SPAC formation and structuring

  • Building the SPAC team and telling the story

  • Optimizing a SPAC for health care and life sciences targets