December 16, 2018

Finding Safe Harbors to Communicate and Contract for Value

Through this webinar series Covington will help Life Science companies navigate many of the most pressing issues in today’s rapidly evolving regulatory, enforcement, and policy environment around Drug Pricing and Market Access.

Join us each month as Rujul Desai brings together Covington’s cross-functional experts to share insights and best practices for an integrated approach to strategic legal support around the rapidly changing dynamics of Drug Pricing and Market Access.

The first webinar in this series will discuss key legal considerations for alternative contracting arrangements with Payers, Integrated Delivery Networks, and Pharmacy Benefit Managers that go beyond traditional rebate offers, as well as the implications of proposed safe harbor revisions from HHS. In addition, Covington experts will discuss new opportunities and risks with use of health economic information (HCEI), including dynamic data modeling and real world evidence, in context of FDA's recent final guidance on HCEI. 

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