June 16, 2019

GDPR at the 11th Hour Webinar

McDermott’s world-class Global Privacy & Cybersecurity Group invites you to join us for a series of discussions focused on today’s most critical privacy and cybersecurity issues. Featuring thought leaders from the United States, Europe and Asia, the series will get you ahead of the curve on issues ranging from global privacy compliance, response to catastrophic cyber incidents, implementation of cutting-edge technologies and data strategies, and developments in health information privacy. Please log in to view archived presentations.

In this webinar, we will countdown our top considerations for companies in advance ofGDPR’s May 25th effective date, including key last-minute steps for GDPRcompliance. We will discuss prioritizing GDPR planning, risks and budgets, along with the need for ongoing GDPR work after the effective date.  We also will review GDPR programs in the context of addressing other global data protection challenges. 

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