May 21, 2019

Global Impacts in Flux: Strategies for IP and Legal Leaders

The global economic power dynamics are in a constant “refresh” mode, presenting new challenges for IP and legal executives in deciding where and how to develop and guard their IP assets. The recent deluge of broad IP decisions in the United States further exacerbates the complexity.

As you chart your next strategies for your intellectual property, please join our featured speaker Joanne W. Suh - an executive from Intel - along with a team of seasoned Foley IP partners and your peers for a series of in-depth discussions addressing key factors that will affect your strategies. There will also be breakout sessions that will explore the developments in IP rights in both the pharma/biotech and electronics industries.

The conference topics to be addressed include:

  • Plenary sessions on key IP developments in the United States and their implications on Japanese business:

    • Latest patent litigation considerations for Japanese companies, including implications of U.S. Supreme Court decisions, including:

      • Venue: Post-TC Heartland strategies and trends

      • Personal jurisdiction

      • Service of Process: Water Splash, Inc. v. Menon

      • Exhaustion: Impression Products, Inc. v. Lexmark International, Inc.

      • Extraterritoriality: Life Technologies Corporation, et al. v. Promega Corporation

    • Reflection on the state of IP rights in the United States

      • Trends affecting overall strength of IP rights in the United States (including STRONGER Patents Act of 2017, fracture of U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Circuit, and anti-patent movement due to NPEs)

      • Evolving strategies in protecting IP, including increased reliance on trade secrets

      • Impact of section 101 on various U.S. industries

      • AIA five years later – Top battleground issues, and continued effect of IPRs on licensing and litigation strategies

  • Pharma and Biotech Breakout: Strategies for ANDA litigations and other key issues

  • Electronics Breakout: Novel strategies for licensing IP assets and ecosystem for fighting NPEs

Event Location: 
AP Tokyo Marunouchi 3F, Nihon-Seimei Maruonouchi Garden Tower 1-1-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda Tokyo, Japan 〒100-0005