October 19, 2018

Government Raids, Audits, and Demands for Information: Preparing for and Responding to Government Agent Requests

Attorneys from Barnes & Thornburg will discuss what employers and individuals need to know about ethically and legally responding to government raids and requests to access documents and information.

Dealing with government agents at the workplace

  • How to prepare your workplace for potential raids or audits

  • What to say and what not to say (and who should do the talking)

  • How to audit your potential risks and address shortcoming before the government asks

Understanding and preparing for government requests for information and documents outside the workplace, including application of attorney client privilege, work product, and trade secret issues

  • Application of the Fourth Amendment

  • Government requests of individuals when traveling into or out of the U.S., including electronic devices

  • Government requests of individuals when traveling within the U.S.

  • Strategies for ethically complying with these government demands, while protecting company and personal information

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