January 21, 2019

Green Bay Breakfast Briefing: FMLA and ADA Challenges for Employers – What the Crystal Ball Tells us About What is on the Horizon

FMLA and ADA compliance, factoring in the State law compliance obligations, is a never ending challenge employers face. What is notice of leave? What do we need to do to respond? What can I ask for? Do I need to accommodate the employee on return to work? And the list goes on...

Bob Simandl and Dan Simandl will help employers understand their legal obligations and also discuss:

  • When can I say "no" to an FMLA request?
  • The leave entitlement of employees and controlling "intermittent" and "reduced leave" schedule.
  • Best practices in the "reasonable accommodation" evaluation process.
  • Defining "reasonable"
  • Developing a return to work/accommodation compliance plan and memorializing key decision points.
  • Defending a claimed violation of the FMLA and ADA – steps in avoiding liability.
  • Differences in FMLA and ADA compliance obligations and what can be requested, and when.
  • Determining what is a "disability" for legal compliance purposes.
Event Location: 
Bemis Conference Center 299 3rd Street De Pere, WI