January 17, 2019

Insurance Coverage for Opioid Litigation and Lessons for Other Types of Claims

The number of lawsuits involving opioid pharmaceuticals continues to skyrocket. Hundreds of cases have been filed nationwide, many of which have been consolidated into multidistrict litigation, and the trend shows no signs of stopping soon. Related litigation over the scope of insurance coverage available for these lawsuits also continues to increase, and courts have begun to issue decisions addressing insurers’ coverage obligations. Other coverage disputes are just beginning to wind their way through the courts. This webinar will focus on insurance coverage for opioid litigation, including:

  • What types of policies might provide coverage for opioid claims

  • The most commonly disputed or litigated coverage issues

  • The current landscape of judicial decisions regarding coverage for opioid litigation

  • What the future may hold for opioid coverage litigation

  • What parallels can be drawn to other types of coverage disputes over similar underlying claims

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