September 19, 2019

Intellectual Property and Manufacturing: Identifying Assets for Today and Tomorrow

We are pleased to present the sixth program in our webinar series, “The Evolving Manufacturing Industry: Legal Developments, Challenges, and Opportunities,” that will focus on intellectual property and other intangible assets that are key to a company’s day-to-day and future success.

Knowing what these assets are and how to protect them strengthens companies so they may consistently, today and after a succession, deliver top performance. Higher valuations and, in turn, a greater future sales price, are the results of a company’s ability to clearly demonstrate that its intellectual property assets are in order.

Join us as we analyze real-world scenarios to equip business owners and advisors with the tools to understand the types of assets that qualify as intellectual property, how these assets should be handled, and what pitfalls await if sufficient attention is not given.

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