December 6, 2021

Volume XI, Number 340


International Trade Compliance Update

We are pleased to invite you to a discussion focused on recent international trade compliance updates, including US and EU export controls issues, US trade sanctions, Chinese Military-Industrial Complex Companies and Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law (AFSL) of China, held jointly by Fangda Partners (China) and McDermott Will & Emery (US and Europe).

我们诚挚邀请您参加由方达(中国)和McDermott Will & Emery(美国及欧洲)两家律师事务所联合举办的线上研讨会,与我们共同探讨国际贸易法规最近的变化,包括美国及欧洲出口管控问题,美国贸易制裁,美国对被定义为中国军工复合企业的管控以及中国《反外国制裁法》的适用解读。

Topics | 研讨会主要议题:

  1. Emerging Export Control Issues | 最新出口管控问题

  • The trend on US’s enhanced controls on export of emerging and foundational technology controls and the impact to Chinese companies; Trend of enforcement by Biden Administration | 美国增强新兴及基础科技出口管控的趋势及其对中国企业的影响;拜登政府执行强制措施的趋势

  • Increased control targeting MEUs in China: the specific rules on MEU/how to identify MEUs/the trend on regulating export to MEUs in China | 增强对具有 “最终军事用户/用途”的对中国的出口的管控:“最终军事用户/用途”的特别规则/如何界定“最终军事用户/用途”/对中国“最终军事用户/用途”出口管制的趋势

  • Recent updates of the new EU export control regulation | 欧盟出口管控规定的最新变化

  1. General and Special Sanctions in the US | 美国一般和特别制裁

  • Analysis of President’s executive orders – Trumps’ decisions and Biden’s new Administration reviews | 分析总统行政令——特朗普的决定及拜登新政

  • Use of US secondary sanctions to reach Chinese companies | 美国二级制裁对中国企业的影响

  • Recent special sanctions – what are the Xinjiang-related sanctions and how it may affect Chinese companies’ business | 最近的特别制裁——与新疆相关的制裁及其对中国企业商业活动的影响

  1. Chinese Military-Industrial Complex Companies list |中国军工复合企业名单

  2. Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law of PRC | 中国《反外国制裁法》

  • How the laws are relevant to multinational companies? | 该法案与跨国企业的关联性

  • The potential conflicts between the US sanction and export control laws with the AFSL | 该法案与美国制裁及出口管控法律的潜在冲突

  • Guidance to multinational companies | 该法案下给跨国企业的指南