October 2, 2022

Volume XII, Number 275

Labor and Employment Hot Topics and Ask the Attorney

Labor and Employment Hot Topics
and Ask the Attorney

Please join us for this update and guidance on critical issues facing employers of all sizes. We look forward to seeing you.


Ask Us Anything!
John KuenstlerDavid RitterNorma Zeitler

              John Kuenstler, David Ritter, Norma Zeitler, Partners

Come to our “Ask Us Anything!” session and bring your questions for the panel of three attorneys who have a combined 70 years of experience in counseling employers on labor and employment matters. Feel free to submit questions in advance to [email protected].


Jennifer Cerven The New Age of Age Discrimination
Jennifer Cerven, Staff Attorney
A discussion of the latest trends in age discrimination claims at the EEOC and in the courts. Real-world examples of how tricky facts make for challenging cases.


Norma Zeitler Separation and Release Agreements - Are You Buying Peace or Trouble?
Norma Zeitler, Partner
The EEOC has taken the position (and courts have agreed) that it is unlawful to prohibit an employee from giving up his or her right to file a charge of discrimination as part of a release agreement. But lately, the EEOC has taken aim at other standard provisions such as non-disparagement, cooperation, non-disclosure clauses. This presentation will discuss these concerning recent developments, as well as ways to avoid an EEOC enforcement action.


Katie Jakubowski Anybody Listening? Eavesdropping in the Workplace
Katie Jakubowski, Associate
In two decisions filed on the same day, the Illinois Supreme Court declared the state’s eavesdropping law unconstitutional. Specifically, the court determined that the criminal statute preventing the recording of any conversation without the consent of all parties involved is overbroad. This decision may have a significant impact on Illinois employers seeking to prevent surreptitious recording of conversations in the workplace. Katie will discuss the case and its implications on the employment relationship.

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