August 10, 2020

Volume X, Number 223

Labor & Employment Webinar Series – Driven to Distraction: Effectively Managing ADA, FMLA and Workers’ Compensation Compliance

Think you have it bad? Take heart in knowing that you’re not alone managing workplace shenanigans that would strain the sanity of any HR professional. Follow Tobin, an HR manager, as he navigates a dysfunctional work environment in which employees make their own rules and generally ignore the advice coming from HR. Mark your calendars to join us for our webinar series as we discuss how Tobin should respond to the complicated issues triggered by his co-workers’ actions.

Join lawyers from Polsinelli’s Labor & Employment Department for the 2019 webinar series. The series will be presented in three installments and take a deep dive into complicated areas of employment law to provide you with practical advice on how to respond when you are faced with similar issues.

In the first segment of our series, Michael Scoot accidentally hits Mary Beth while driving on company property. Mary Beth sustains significant injuries, resulting in FMLA, ADA and workers’ compensation issues. Tobin is tasked with handling the complexities that have resulted from this workplace injury. In this episode, our panel will discuss how these three areas of the law overlap and strategies for staying compliant with each.

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