October 28, 2020

Volume X, Number 302

Leveraging the Economic Loss Doctrine

In breach of contract litigation, damages are generally limited to those parties contemplated or that were reasonably foreseeable at the time the contract was entered. However, when breach of contract cases transform into tort claims, liability exposure increases significantly.

The economic loss doctrine seeks to delineate the boundary between tort and contract law with respect to recovery for economic losses, yet confusion abounds. In order to decipher this often-misunderstood legal doctrine, the seasoned litigators on our panel will provide attendees with:

  • an introduction to principles and rationale underlying the doctrine (and its exceptions)

  • an examination of recent cases involving the economic loss doctrine, including cases in the insurance coverage context

  • valuable guidance on how to leverage the economic loss doctrine, whether seeking to use it as a shield to defend against tort claims arising from breach of contract or is attempting to avoid its claim preclusive effect

Throughout this presentation, seasoned litigations will share their own experiences using this doctrine for the benefit of their clients in a variety of contexts.

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