September 26, 2022

Volume XII, Number 269

Major, Lindsey & Africa's 2022 US In-House Counsel Compensation Survey

Much has changed over the past two years as we’ve watched the market turn into one of the hottest hiring markets we’ve ever seen. Join Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Melba Hughes, Mike Sachs and Edina Beasley for an in-depth discussion about US compensation as we explore the results of our 2022 Global In-House Compensation Survey.

Compensation will be discussed from a variety of angles including by:

  • Role/Function

  • Bonus Compensation

  • Gender

  • Industry

  • Company Revenue

  • Geography

  • Ethnicity

Each session will include Q&A. Send your questions now or ask during the event.

Hosts: Melba Hughes, Partner, Executive Director & National In-House Diversity Practice Leader

Michael Sach, Partner, In-House Counsel Recruiting

Edina Beasley, Managing Director, In-House Counsel Recruiting