August 24, 2019

Media (and Social Media) Law Overview For Manufacturers

We are pleased to present the seventh program in our webinar series, “The Evolving Manufacturing Industry: Legal Developments, Challenges, and Opportunities,” which will focus on the risks that a company faces when it is acting as a publisher.

These days, every company acts as a publisher. Social media is a powerful and indispensable way to capture new business. Your online presence conveys who you are, exposes you to a pool of potential new clients, and keeps your business relevant and top of mind. But publishing content comes with legal risk– whether online, in sales presentations, in press releases, or other places. Understanding those risks and how to mitigate them are essential to your company's success.

Join us as we discuss what manufacturers should know about the laws governing these activities, and what steps every company should take to identify and alleviate such risks.

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