October 28, 2020

Volume X, Number 302

The Moving Target of Affirmative Action Compliance 2018

Complying with federal regulatory requirements continues to be a moving target, with new directives being issued in an attempt to undo certain Obama-era initiatives and provide more transparency. If your company is a contractor or subcontractor to the federal government, or is required to comply with other employment-related federal regulations, please join Barnes & Thornburg and The Austin Peters Group for this webinar covering:

  • Affirmative Action Updates & Enforcement

  • New OFCCP Directives

  • OFCCP Transparency Efforts

  • Publication of Anticipated Upcoming Compliance Evaluations

  • New Guidance on Evaluating Pay Disparity, and Recent Compensation Cases

  • Affirmative Action Program Verification Requirements

  • Recent Hiring Disparity Cases

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