August 3, 2020

Volume X, Number 216

Non-Disclosure Agreements vs. Development Agreements Webinar

Companies often start a development project with another party by signing non-disclosure agreements, but very often the non-disclosure agreement creates more risk than it resolves. Even the most basic undertaking requires a thoughtful approach, including determining at the outset when a non-disclosure agreement should be avoided. When a non-disclosure agreement is the right first step, an ongoing relationship will usually require a separate type of agreement once the parties move from “talking” to actually “doing.”

This webinar will walk attendees through a fictionalized project between two companies and explain how a knee-jerk mutual non-disclosure agreement is likely to be the wrong first step. It will then address a different type of agreement framework that protects the client from exposure to another party’s trade secrets and ensures that intellectual property developed along the way is adequately accounted for, especially if the project ultimately fails.

The webinar will address:

  • The purposes and risks of a non-disclosure agreement
  • The proper way to conceptualize a development project
  • A form document that will meet the needs for most product development activities that minimizes risks and maximizes intellectual property protection

 Attendees will come away from the webinar with the correct approach needed to “fill in the blanks” in an appropriate agreement and create a framework to properly document the fictionalized development “Project.”

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