June 2, 2020

PPM Industry Executives Present COVID-19 Strategy, Actions and Transaction Update | Virtual Conference

The rapid emergence of COVID-19 immediately and dramatically affected the physician practice management (PPM) industry. Executives have been under extreme pressure to develop strategies and take actions to best position their companies to handle the impact of this unprecedented occurrence. At the same time, an industry that was humming along with an insatiable appetite for acquisitions has had to essentially hit the pause button on deals. 

During this in-depth, virtual conference, you will hear from chief executive officers of leading PPMs about their COVID-19 strategies and the actions they are taking on behalf of their companies. You will then hear from chief development officers and physician practice investment bankers regarding current M&A activity and how they are preparing for the post-COVID-19 environment.    

This program is a follow-up to our April 3, 2020 virtual conference. To access the event recording, click here.


CEO Panel: The Current State and Future of the PPM Industry

In the wake of COVID-19 and its specific impact on the PPM industry, PPMs are having to act quickly, while keeping an eye on the future with all actions that are taken. In this session, CEOs of leading PPMs, covering a variety of specialties, will share their strategies for dealing with and surviving COVID-19, as well as their insights regarding the PPM industry post COVID-19 and any anticipated lingering effects.


PPM Transactions Panel: An Era of Uncertainty

COVID-19 had a more immediate and dramatic impact on PPM transactions than the abrupt ending of the PPM industry in the 1990’s. In the 1990’s, the cessation of transactions was part of a collapse of essentially the entire PPM industry (other than hospital-based and dental).  This time it was solely attributable to COVID-19 and not fundamental issues with the PPM Industry. Important questions still remain– when we emerge from this crisis, will PPM transactional activity resume to pre-COVID-19 volume?  Will multiples be impacted? Will financing be readily available? What will be the appetite of physicians to do deals? This panel of CDO’s from leading PPMs and active physician practice investment bankers will provide their insights into these and other questions.

Event Location: 
McDermott Will & Emery

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