May 21, 2019

Quick & Easy Recipes for Fixing 401(k) Plans

This month, Allison Wilkerson, Brian Tiemann, and Sarah Engle join host Judith Wethall to talk through the value of conducting a proactive self-audit of 401(k) plans. They will provide best practices designed to reduce the risk of costly government investigations. Attendees will come away prepared and confident in their position, and ready to respond assertively if an investigation comes to pass.

Join our lively 45-minute discussion, where we'll discuss the following points:

  • Self-auditing common compliance issues raised during IRS audits, including errors in administering the plan’s eligibility rules, compensation definition, loan procedures and minimum required distribution provisions

  • Self-auditing common issues raised during DOL audits, including late payroll deposits

  • Tips to enhance plan governance procedures

Event Location: