January 21, 2019

RCRA Resurgence: RCRA 2020 and Citizen Suits

This webinar will provide updates on two key RCRA topics undergoing a current resurgence:


RCRA Corrective Action Moving Toward 2020

RCRA corrective action remediation projects can have a long life. In light of the RCRA 2020 deadline and the rising tide of RCRA citizen suits, this webinar will provide background on the RCRA corrective action process and updated strategies for moving these projects towards completion.


Rising Tide: RCRA Citizen Suits in the Time of Shrinking Government

As government resources shrink, the role citizen suits play in the enforcement of environmental laws will likely grow. This webinar provides a primer on Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) citizen suits: what they are, how they are litigated, and the types of relief, including attorney fees, that can be awarded.

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