July 15, 2019

The Results of COP 21 on Climate Change

During the next two weeks, representatives of 195 countries will negotiate at the UNFCCC COP 21 in Paris a new agreement on climate change. The agreement that may come out of COP 21 will replace the Kyoto Protocol and establish a new climate change framework to reduce global CO2 emissions and limit the increase of world temperature to 2°C by the end of the century.

  • What will be the main results of COP 21?

  • How will these results impact the EU and US climate change and energy policies?

  • What are the risks and opportunities facing businesses in light of these developments?

Dr. Christian Holzleitner is an advisor to Jos Delbeke, Director-General for Climate Action at the European Commission. Before joining DG CLIMA, Dr. Holzleitner worked between 2004 and 2012 at DG Competition of the European Commission in the area of State aid, and previously at KPMG Germany and at the department of public economics of the University of Linz (Austria). 

Gary S. Guzy is a Senior Of Counsel at Covington. Before joining Covington, Mr. Guzy was Deputy Director and General Counsel of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and General Counsel of the US Environmental Protection Agency. 

The discussion will be followed by a reception.

Event Location: 
Kunstlaan 44 / 44 avenue des Arts B-1040 Brussels (Seventh Floor)