April 20, 2019

Rise of the Gig Economy: Legal Issues All Companies Should Know About Flexible and Contingent Staffing

Please join us for the third session in our webinar series: The Future of Human Resources: Cutting Edge Issues for Every Employer. You hail a car via a rideshare app to get to your office. For lunch, you order a meal by someone who may or may not work for the restaurant that prepared your food. While eating, you check to see that your dog has been walked by someone with whom you connected through another app. At the end of the day, you hail a second ride and find a package at your door - delivered to you by a neighbor you know who does this work as her “side hustle” to increase her retirement savings.

As semi-independent contingent and flexible staffing arrangements impact an increasing number of jobs and industries, companies that use such models face new challenges, including:

  • Appropriate classification of the working relationship

  • Contracts with third parties, like staffing agencies

  • Compliance with federal and state employment and labor laws

Careful attention to these and other matters is critical, since authorities have begun to grapple with the growing Gig Economy—and often take approaches that are diametrically opposed to one another. This webinar provide practical tips for companies that interact with contingent and flexible workers. The Gig Economy shows no signs of slowing and now is the time to prepare for its ever-growing impact, on your day job and even on your side hustle.

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