September 16, 2019

Social Media and #Influencer Issues in the Fashion, Apparel & Beauty Industry

Businesses are spending billions of advertising dollars a year to reach the followers of “social media influencers.”

The informal nature of social media, however, makes it easy to overlook the legal implications of utilizing such influencer marketing. 

Join Jessica Cardon, experienced Deputy General Counsel with Quality King Distributors/Perfumania Holdings(a specialty retailer and distributor of fragrances and beauty products), and Laura Ganoza and Katherine Califa from Foley’s Fashion, Apparel & Beauty team as they discuss legal best practices for brand owners, including:

Guidelines for Marketing Department Training
Tips for Vetting Influencers
Overview of Applicable Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Endorsement Guidelines
Key Terms for Agreements with Influencers
Interacting with Third-Party Content on Social Media
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