July 10, 2020

Volume X, Number 192

Software Audits – Real-World Strategies for Positive Outcomes

As software audits continue to be an important source of income for major software vendors, companies are increasingly facing audits featuring vague licensing terms that trigger overblown, multimillion dollar licensing fees for non-compliance. At this webinar, the presenters will discuss adequate preparation for software audits, how to manage the auditors' expectations, and how to negotiate a favorable outcome.

An effective defense strategy against such practices requires fusing legal and technological expertise, allowing legal counsel to contradict an audit’s outcome on technical and contractual grounds. The presenters will discuss their experience with international software audits initiated in various jurisdictions by major software providers including SAP, Oracle, MS, IBM, VMware, and others. They will also highlight areas and propose solutions to mitigate risks and potentially reduce licensing fees resulting from software audits.

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