October 21, 2019

Solutions for Your Complex International Patients - Caring for the Undocumented and Uninsured Patient

Join Polsinelli attorneys as we address issues stemming from high utilizers in hospital emergency departments under EMTALA and coordinated strategies to safely return complex international patients consistent with AMA guidance. We will present case studies of successful hospital safe patient discharge for complex international patients returning to their home countries after suffering catastrophic injuries, providing examples of benefits to both the injured patient and the US hospital caring for these complex international patients.


  • Understand the challenges to both patients and hospitals when undocumented patients and high utilizers receive care for catastrophic injuries in the US, including uncompensated care and lack of Medicaid payment for those undocumented

  • Identify the benefits of safe patient discharge through case study examples of patients successfully moved internationally to return to their home country and family for continued support

  • Discuss the process of international aeromedical transport and the services provided in Polsinelli’s Safe Discharge Service Offering Model

Event Location: 

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