October 18, 2019

Telehealth Crash Course: How Do I Get Paid

As consumers and the health care industry increasingly embrace telehealth technologies as a modality for delivering health care services, payers’ support for these technologies becomes critically important. The current landscape of telehealth reimbursement is evolving as payers work to adjust to changing rules regarding coverage, including growing support among states for parity laws that require coverage of telehealth services in a manner comparable to how those services are covered if provided to patients in person.

In the first installment of EBG’s Telehealth Crash Course series, we will discuss the current reimbursement landscape, including distinctions between various payer models and the growing impact of state parity laws, and some of the current state-specific concerns regarding regulatory issues and risks that may impede development of reimbursement schemes for telehealth services in certain states. 

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