July 23, 2019

Understanding The California Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2018

California just enacted a new consumer privacy law that some commentators are calling the strictest consumer privacy law in the country. The law grants California consumers a number of privacy rights, including the right to know what categories of personal information a business collects about the consumer, the right to request that the consumer's information be deleted, and the right to direct the business not to sell the consumer's personal information to third parties. The law also requires businesses to revamp their online privacy policies to include specific information. Businesses collecting personal information of California residents, including many small-to medium-sized companies, will be subject to the law.

Our panel will analyze the Act and explain how it will impact entities doing business in California. In particular, our panel will discuss:

  • What privacy rights are granted under the Act and how do those compare against GDPR

  • What affirmative steps will companies need to undertake to comply with the Act's verified request and online privacy policy requirements

  • What changes to the Act, if any, can be anticipated prior to the Act's January 2020 effective date

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