July 21, 2018

U.S. Supreme Court Round-up: From the Travel Ban to Employment Arbitration, the Impact of Justice Gorsuch, and More

Please join us for breakfast and an engaging discussion of significant cases before the U.S. Supreme Court this year. As the Court concludes the final week of its Term and heads off to summer recess, some of Covington's leading litigators and former U.S. Supreme Court clerks will discuss the implications for businesses of several of this Term’s high-profile cases, including:

  • Employment arbitration;
  • Application of the rule of reason to two-sided platforms in antitrust matters;
  • Limitations on Dodd-Frank’s SEC whistleblower provision;
  • Inapplicability of Alien Tort Statute liability to foreign corporations;
  • Validity of immigration policies under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the travel ban; and
  • Scope of state public accommodation laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The panel will also provide insights on the inner workings of the Court, including the role of the federal government as litigant before the Court and the impact of the arrival of Justice Gorsuch.

Event Location: 
Covington's New York Office The New York Times Building 620 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018