January 18, 2021

Volume XI, Number 18

Wargaming the Texas Legislative Session in the Age of COVID-19

Join Winstead for a post-election analysis on key issues impacting Texas businesses, featuring guest speaker Harvey Kronberg.

The upcoming Texas Legislative sessions face challenges unlike others in modern history. With the backdrop of COVID infections doubling or tripling, lawmakers are scrambling to come up with new rules and protocols to conduct what is constitutionally a public event. The mechanics of keeping the legislature from becoming a spreader event, even with vaccines on the horizon, are changing by the day. With policymakers considering banning the public and advocates from the Capitol and well over 50 committees having to meet in the House and Senate, what steps are being taken to retain the “public” nature of the session? Financial challenges to the state are always difficult to predict, but a down fourth quarter could significantly grow a shortfall many expect to be in the neighborhood of $15 billion with an injured economy. Add to that, a new speaker and a raft of new House committees and chairman, and the future is even less clear. Finally, the highly expected blue wave never materialized. What message does that send to both parties in both chambers?

Thursday, December 10
12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.