August 12, 2020

Volume X, Number 225

Webinar 4: What Is the Impact of Recent Regulation and Government Measures on Investments in Healthcare and Life Sciences in Europe?

The impact of COVID-19 triggered recent regulation and government measures on investments in healthcare and life sciences in Europe has been and will continue to be substantial. To move forward stakeholders must understand which changes stand to affect investment opportunities most and which will have long term implications.

Join our panel of industry experts and PE managers during our upcoming webinar, where attendees can expect to learn:

  • How the lockdown and severance and stimulus packages will affect investors' decisions in health and life sciences in Europe

  • What the impact of accelerated authorization proceedings will be for clinical lab tests, vaccines and drugs in connection with COVID-19

  • How aggravated foreign investment control regimes will impact the health and life sciences sector during COVID-19

This collaborative series is exclusively tailored to senior leaders and investors in the global health and life sciences industry.