October 3, 2022

Volume XII, Number 276

Webinar: How Automotive Companies Can Prepare for Upcoming Changes to International Trade, Labor, Environmental, and Safety Rules

In 2020, automotive companies faced unprecedented pandemic–driven challenges that are likely to continue in 2021. As the Biden administration begins to take shape, the priorities of international trade, labor, environmental, and safety policies will shift to reflect the new rules, regulations, and enforcement priorities of the administration.

Join us as Foley’s attorneys share practical guidance on key automotive developments for strategic planning and future success. Key topics will include:

  • International Trade: To help automotive companies predict and adapt, presenters will discuss the likely priorities of the new international trade team; the likely enforcement priorities of the new regulators; best practices for adapting to the new USMCA rules that will govern trade within the USMCA region under the new administration; and strategies for coping with the ongoing international trade war and the aggressive Customs enforcement of the resulting high tariffs.
  • Labor & Employment: The Biden administration will implement new policies and priorities, including anticipated changes to the federal minimum wage, independent contractor analysis and NLRB focus and priorities. This presentation will review the key Labor & Employment issues facing employers in 2021. A theme of the year will be change and flexibility; as the pandemic will undoubtedly transform with the increased availability of vaccinations, and as the Biden administration implements new laws and regulations.
  • Environmental: Participants will gain insight into the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s approach to greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards for vehicles, ozone nonattainment as it relates to vehicles and equipment, zero–emission vehicles, and mobile source enforcement under the new administration. Participants will also take away information on California’s regulatory approach to zero–emission vehicles and greenhouse gas standards, and planned initiatives implemented by the California Air Resources Board.
  • NHTSA & Vehicle Safety: Under the Biden administration, the vehicle safety priorities of the U.S. Department of Transportation and NHTSA will shift to reflect the regulatory philosophy of the new administration. In this segment, we will discuss the various regulatory and enforcement activities we can expect under this administration, including prospects for continued progress in the area of AV/ADAS–related rulemaking and vigorous enforcement of the agency’s reporting regulations using its strengthened investigative staff and enhanced enforcement tools.