June 21, 2018

What CFSA Members Need to Know About the CFPB's Final Arbitration Rule

Please join CFSA and Ballard Spahr for a complimentary webinar series to be held throughout 2017. During this third webinar in a four-part series, we will discuss the CFPB's proposed arbitration rules.


In 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the use of class action waivers in consumer arbitration agreements. Nevertheless, the CFPB has issued proposed rules that would prohibit the use of such waivers. This is a watershed event in the history of consumer arbitration. Please join us for a discussion of what the CFPB is proposing and how it could affect CFSA members and others in the payday loan industry.


  • The background of the CFPB’s arbitration rulemaking;

  • The CFPB’s proposed rules on consumer arbitration agreements;

  • Whether CFSA members will be covered by the proposed rules;

  • When the proposed rules might become effective;

  • Whether existing arbitration agreements will be grandfathered;

  • Whether arbitration agreements should continue to be used for individual arbitrations;

  • Possible legal and political challenges to the rules;

  • What CFSA members can do now to maximize the utility of your class action waiver;

  • What CFSA members should do now if you don't have a class action waiver; and

  • Alternative methods of reducing class action exposure.

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