March 8, 2021

Volume XI, Number 67

What’s Going On? Lessons From Current COVID-19 Workplace Litigation Trends Oct. 7

In this ongoing series based on the observations and insights in the Wage and Hour Practice Group’s COVID-19 Related Workplace Litigation Tracker, leaders of our nationwide wage and hour practice group will examine the lessons employers can learn from these cases. With an emphasis on practical guidance for employers, our team will address:

  • The COVID-19 litigation tracker and information regarding what it shows (so far)

  • An overview of COVID-19 litigation activity and updates on cases involving employee compensation

  • Trends in COVID-19 workplace litigation activity, with recent examples

  • Do’s and don’ts: Lessons learned from COVID-19 related litigation

  • Strategic considerations associated with potential, threatened, and pending litigation activity

The webinar will feature a Q&A session. You may ask questions during the Q&A or submit them when you register.