October 27, 2020

Volume X, Number 301

Why is Intellectual Property important in China? [Webinar]

Join Erick Robinson, Jason DeFrancesco, and myself on October 6, 2020 for a webinar on why Chinese intellectual property is important. Erick will focus on litigation in China including why China is now a top venue for enforcing patent rights. I’ll will be discussing the patent and trademark procurement process in China and Jason will moderate.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Building a Chinese intellectual property portfolio.
    1. Patent
    2. Trademark
  • Minimizing risk
    1. Freedom to operate and clearance searches
    2. Monitoring Competitor’s, Employees’ and Partners’ IP Filings
  • Newly Amended TM Law and Draft Patent Law
  • China is now a top venue to enforce patent rights:  what happened?
  • China is a top innovator – including software
  • IP Courts
  • Degradation of patent rights in the US
  • China is the “Great Equalizer”
    • See, e.g., Apple/Qualcomm settlement
  • Why file a patent litigation in China?
    • High win rates
    • Foreign patentee do even better (but don’t sue a Chinese chipmaker)
    • Huge China market for sales and manufacturing
    • Virtually guaranteed injunctions
    • Short time from filing to judgment
    • Low cost
    • Venue is fair
    • Validity challenges are more reasonable than other nations
    • Specialized patent courts (trial and appeal)
    • Administrative options
    • Continued development of common-sense rules
    • SEP cases
Event Location: 

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