July 2, 2020

Volume X, Number 184

Workplace Equity: Beyond the Gender Gap

The “gender gap” in earnings has been a stubborn problem for years in many workplaces across the country. Wage statistics alone only illustrate the issue, without identifying the root causes of the gap. Harassment, discrimination in promotions & hiring/firing, uneven mentoring opportunities and succession planning, parental and caregiver responsibilities – all contribute to the end result.

As workforces become more diverse, the focus on workplace equity is on more than just wage disparity between men and women. The #MeToo movement, EEOC’s record discrimination enforcement actions, and the gender gap itself all made headlines throughout the year and 2019 promises to continue this trend.

With unemployment at near record lows, employers must place a premium on attracting and retaining talent. Join us for a discussion of these issues, how federal, state and local governments are addressing them, and what employers should do to both comply with the law and to create the workforces they need.

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