May 27, 2019

FAQ — The National Law Review

What is the National Law Review?

The National Law Review is a searchable online database of legal and business-related articles. We also offer an online magazine spotlighting articles written by leading legal professionals and other business experts. The bulk of our postings are articles drawn from law reviews, law journals, law firm newsletters, and bar association and other professional publications. Our goal is to streamline the research process for secondary legal analysis and to help legal consumers gain control over all the content that bombards them on a daily basis. We aggregate the content so you can access the information you need, when you need it, serving as an effective and user-friendly legal research tool.

Do you require a password or log-In to use the National Law Review?

No log-in is required to view or email the full-text of any of our legal analysis.  By allowing the full text of our articles to be easily viewed by all, including search engines, we created a highly accessible resource of legal analysis for business professionals.  Also our no log-in, full-text format is loved by search engines and is one of the reasons the National Law Review is one of the top on-line business legal resources in the U.S. 

How do I find a specific document using National Law Review?

You can search by author, law firm, jurisdiction, type of law, document type, or keyword using the NLR’s advanced search function.

Who can contribute publications to National Law Review?

Contributions are accepted from professionals and organizations who are well-versed in any topic of law or law- related area and who want to share their knowledge to people interested in learning about key developments in that particular area of the law.

Why post documents on the National Law Review?

We organize and showcase the author’s knowledge in a third-party format that is easily searchable by anyone looking for legal analysis. The text of the article, the author’s name, and the firm name are readily searchable by major search engines, allowing for exposure above and beyond what your firm's Web site might offer. Each article uploaded into our database is featured in the “Most Recent Contributors” section of the NLR home page and remains in our database for a minimum of two years. The author’s name and firm are prominently featured at the top and bottom of each article along with the author’s biography and hyperlinked contact information. We can also include a photo of the author, the firm’s logo and  even embedded video for additional impact.

In addition to adding articles to our database, the NLR sends out monthly e-mail newsletters featuring links to targeted articles to thousands of subscribers, including in-house counsel and upper-level managers in a variety of industries such as finance, insurance, health care, and human resources. Relevant NLR articles, branded with the contributing firm's logo and author and firm biographies, are also featured in the "Legal Updates" or "Research" sections on the Web sites of several professional associations, including those serving CPAs, chemists, industrial hygienists, paralegals, and insurance and telecommunications professionals.

The National Law Review is one of the US' top on-line legal resources surpassing most bar associations, and other on-line legal publication in readership.   

Click here to inquire about submitting articles.

What type of articles are posted on the NLR Web site?

We are looking for informative, practical, analytical legal articles that will help educate legal professionals and consumers. We will not publish press releases. We are interested in well-researched legal analysis or how-to articles that will appeal to in-house counsel and other attorneys, business executives, insurance professionals, accountants, compliance officers, human resource personnel,  law students, paralegals, and/or other professionals. 

If you are interested in submitting a practice-oriented article or other document for publication, please click here.

Who owns the copyright for documents posted on the National Law Review?

The contributing author owns and retains the copyright to his or her or their organization's articles. The NLR is not a publisher, but is a distributor of informative legal materials supplied by third parties.

Each party that supplies materials for publication must attest that it is the lawful owner of any documents and photos/images submitted to us and is authorized to grant the right to publish this content on the NLR site. Web site users are expected to abide by all copyright notices, legends, or other restrictions contained in materials posted on the NLR site. For a more-detailed discussion on copyright issues and permitted use of the content posted on the NLR Web site, please review our Terms of Use.

How do I post a document on the NLR Web site?

It’s simple. Once you have contacted the NLR and indicated that you would like to post content and we have approved you, we will provide you with a password where you can post new articles and authors to the National Law Review website.  We do review all content before it is posted to the website. 

Why does the NLR review content before it is posted?

Many bar associations, professional associations and mainstream news sources pick up the National Law Review's articles and republish them or cite them.  We would not get this type of exposure for our contributors if we published promotional items and press releases.  Accordingly, we review all content prior to publication to make sure that it is educational in nature which  maintains the credibility of the website as a premier legal news source.

Additionally, we make sure all content properly classified by jurisdiction and type of law and  property formatted in html to insure maximum searchability on the internet. 

Can I remove my articles from the NLR Web site?

Yes, once you have created an account, you can edit your documents and contact information, add or remove authors listed under your account, and add new documents or remove any you have previously posted.

What does it cost to get published on National Law Review?

If you are a nonprofit organization, there is no charge to post documents in our database. If you are a for-profit entity, we do charge a nominal flat annual fee in order to defer the costs of administering and marketing the website.   Please contact us to request a rate chart.

How can I become a guest blogger?

To be considered as a guest blogger, please contact NLR via e-mail. There are two blog spots; one is reserved for content related to substantive legal issues, and the other features information related to the Business of Law, such as marketing, business development, law firm management, and human resources issues. If you are chosen to participate, we will feature two to three of your blog posts in one of the two highlighted sections on the NLR home page. Each of these blog spots also includes an author photo and biography, contact information, and firm logo, as well as a link to your main blog. This is a complimentary posting opportunity.  As with all content posted on the NLR,  posts are subject to review and approval by the NLR.

How do I contact National Law Review?

The best way to reach us is by e-mail.

If you prefer to contact us by phone, we can be reached at (708) 357-3317 on Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CDT.