Representing Victims of Reckless Driving

We have all shared the road with drivers who drove too fast, ignored red lights, or tailgated. These actions can easily lead to catastrophic and deadly traffic accidents.

Victims of crashes caused by reckless driving deserve compensation for their injuries and losses. An experienced car accident injury lawyer can obtain that money for them. In this blog post, we explore reckless driving and how a car accident lawyer can hold reckless drivers, and others responsible for their behavior, accountable.

Common Reckless Driving Behaviors That Lead to Accidents

You know that reckless driving leads to wrecks, but do you know what makes a driver reckless in the eyes of the law?

For lawyers, reckless driving constitutes any behavior behind the wheel of a vehicle that demonstrates a conscious or unmistakeable disregard for the safety of others on the road.

Virtually any driving behavior, under the right circumstances, can amount to recklessness.

Learn to spot these reckless driving behaviors in context so that you can steer clear of drivers who engage in them.

This is a partial list, of course. As we wrote above, any driving behavior can constitute reckless driving in a specific circumstance. No matter what type of reckless driving behavior leads to a wreck, experienced car accident injury lawyers can seek the compensation the victims need to pay for their injuries and losses.

The Heavy Toll of Reckless Driving Accidents

Through their actions, reckless drivers inflict physical, emotional, and financial pain on crash victims and their families. Some of these injuries can permanently alter their lives.

The heavy toll of reckless driving accidents may include:

These are just some of the injuries reckless drivers cause. Lawyers for victims fight to hold those drivers financially accountable for their actions.

How Attorneys Help Reckless Driving Victims

Victims of reckless drivers usually have the legal right to seek compensation from the driver, from others legally responsible for the driver’s conduct, and even from third parties whose actions contributed to a crash. It takes the skill and hard work of an experienced car accident injury attorney to secure them the compensation they deserve. Here are just some of the ways that car accident lawyers serve the interests of victims of reckless driving.

Assessing the Damage Reckless Drivers Cause

Lawyers who represent victims of reckless drivers assess the scope of the harm they suffered and translate it into dollars and cents. Only by evaluating all of the ways a reckless driver’s actions harmed an innocent victim can lawyers know that the amount of money they demand in a legal action will provide adequate compensation.

In general, lawyers for reckless driving victims calculate damages that include:

The amount of money from each of these categories varies. However, in general, the total amount of damages—translated in dollars and cents—that a victim recovers will depend on the severity of the victim’s injuries and losses, and their impacts on the victim’s life.

By evaluating a client’s damages, car accident lawyers can seek compensation that fully and fairly compensates their clients for all harm they suffered because of a reckless driver’s actions.

Assigning Liability for a Reckless Driving Accident

It may seem obvious that the party at fault for a reckless driving accident is the reckless driver. However, experienced lawyers know that other individuals, companies, or government entities may bear some legal liability for the harm done by a reckless driving crash.

Lawyers may investigate a reckless driving accident to identify those other potential parties with liability, which may include:

By reviewing the facts and circumstances of a crash to pinpoint every party that may have a legal liability to crash victims, a lawyer ensures that the reckless driving victim has the greatest possible opportunity to obtain much-needed compensation.

Planning and Taking Legal Action for Reckless Driving Accident Injuries

Once a lawyer for a victim of a reckless driving accident knows how much money a victim deserves to receive as damages, and who has a legal liability to pay the victim damages, the lawyer can devise a legal strategy for getting the victim paid. The details of the plan the lawyer comes up with may vary from case to case, depending on the facts, the law, and the victim’s needs.

However, attorneys frequently do one or more of the following when holding a legally liable party financially accountable for a reckless driving accident.

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