A Return to Normal?

On Friday, May 28th, Governor Murphy will be lifting the State of New Jersey’s mask and social distancing mandate for most businesses. That said, the most recent Executive Order makes clear that businesses can require mask use if they want and cannot stop people from wearing masks, if they so choose.

“Indoor public spaces” will no longer require masks or social distancing, HOWEVER, this does NOT include indoor worksites of employers that do not open their indoor spaces to the public for purposes of sale of goods, attendance at an event or activity, or provision of services. So in the typical closed office environment, individuals continue to be required to wear face coverings, subject only to exceptions that have previously existed, such as when employees are at distanced workstations or in their own offices, and shall continue to maintain six feet of distance from others to the maximum extent possible, except in the circumstances described therein. That said, if you have a business where customers are coming into the building to get products or services, mask use and social distancing will not be required by law. Additionally those who are not vaccinated are “strongly encouraged” to continue to wear a mask when indoors.

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National Law Review, Volumess XI, Number 146