Sarah E. Robinson

Over the course of nearly 15 years as a paralegal, Sarah Robinson’s top priority and her motivation – in her focus area of immigration law – has been providing the best service and value to clients to improve their lives, by helping them achieve their goals.

Sarah has seen nearly everything there is to see in employment-based immigration law, as new policies and procedures cause changes on a regular basis. Because of that, clients can be constantly faced with new challenges, and Sarah takes pride in being able to help them understand how the laws are best interpreted and applied to their individual circumstances.

Primarily, Sarah works on nonimmigrant visas including H-1B, L-1 intracompany transferees and TN visa petitions. She also has extensive experience with the green card process and immigrant visa applications including labor certifications, I-140 petitions and I-485 petitions. She is involved in these processes and procedures from beginning to end – reviewing the data provided, drafting applications, securing attorney review and any client edits and approvals, as well as submitting the final to the relevant government entity.

The clients Sarah assists and has built relationships with, are generally coming to the United States looking for employment opportunities that may not be available in their home country, connected to their undergraduate degrees. They want to advance their careers so they can provide better opportunities for their families, and Sarah is there to assist.

Prior to joining the firm, Sarah was a legislative assistant with the Indiana State Senate, which gave her a deep knowledge and appreciation for the policymaking process that she incorporates into her work.

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