Federal Trade Commission’s Workshop on Recyclable Claims

Key Takeaways

The FTC’s Recyclability Workshop

The FTC’s workshop consisted of three different panels discussing three main topics related to “recyclable” advertising:

Key Themes From the Workshop

The workshop’s discussion focused predominantly on recyclability claims related to plastic. Some of the key topics discussed include:

Looking Forward

Given increased litigation surrounding green marketing claims, including recyclability claims, it will be important for marketers and companies to track the FTC’s updates to the Green Guides. If this refresh is similar to the last regulatory review, then we expect the FTC to hold additional public workshops and provide more opportunities for stakeholder involvement. Companies should use the opportunities to educate the FTC on consumer perception data regarding different claims. The presence and participation of numerous state and federal enforcement personnel at the FTC workshop suggest that recyclability claims will be a focus of future enforcement efforts regardless of what form the Green Guide revisions take.

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