New England State Consumer Data Privacy Bills Currently Under Consideration

This is the latest article in our series highlighting aspects of U.S. privacy laws. For our most recent previous article, click here.

As noted in previous installments in our ongoing series on U.S. privacy laws, the sector-specific and activity-specific model for U.S. privacy regulation is rapidly changing, with individual states recently enacting comprehensive consumer data privacy legislation.

To date, these 12 states have enacted generally applicable (not industry-specific or activity-specific) laws that impose affirmative obligations and substantive restrictions on what covered businesses must and cannot do with personal data: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. And similar laws are likely on the horizon, with pending proposals in New England and at the federal level. Below is an overview of comprehensive consumer privacy legislation currently under consideration in state legislatures across New England.



There are three competing comprehensive consumer data privacy bills currently pending in the 193rd Session of the Massachusetts Legislature. All three bills are currently in committee.

In the current session, the Massachusetts Legislature has introduced more than 100 other bills related to data privacy, including:


A comprehensive consumer data privacy bill is making progress in both houses of the state legislature.


In the current legislative session, all consumer data privacy bills proposed to date have stalled, with committee recommendations to hold pending further study.


As legislative deadlines approach, and the proposed laws make their way through state legislatures in New England, we will continue to monitor the progress of each bill and share news of major developments.

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