November 28, 2022

Volume XII, Number 332


ProTranslating provides language solutions, to corporations, law firms and individuals worldwide. Headquartered in Florida with more than 35 years of experience, it boasts one of the largest teams of in-house linguists in the industry. ProTranslating is a pioneer in language services and actively participates in the top industry associations it belongs to, e.g., NAJIT and ATA. 


An appropriate solution when the translation objective is to obtain a document’s general gist and utilizes a CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool for the most rapid, affordable results.

With MT (Machine Translation), glossaries can be incorporated to increase consistency in translation terminology. Additionally, although in a straight MT there is no human review, we offer a hybrid: HEMT (Human Edited Machine Translation).

With this process, the machine translated document is reviewed by a professional linguist whose focus is on the translation’s readability. As part of this review, the linguist will fix typographical and grammatical errors, also referencing the source document if additional clarification is needed.


This process involves human translations performed by professional linguists. Professional level is a smart translation selection for projects that prioritize solid quality and cost effectiveness.

Professional Translation is 100% human driven from beginning to end and is the product of a professional linguist. It begins with a pre-flight meeting to take a deep dive into client needs, out of which a comprehensive project plan is developed. This option is an ISO certified quality process which can be scaled up or down according to accuracy and budget requirements.


The top echelon in translation solutions is recommended when quality is critical, and entails extensive editing and proofreading, all guided by seasoned linguists and the most rigorous quality assurance.

Enterprise Translation includes our full Quality Assurance process, vetted for more than 40 years. This level delivers translations of the highest quality, reflecting incisive subject matter expertise and fluid readability


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