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September 16, 2014

3 Simple Questions That Can Change Your Law Practice

I spent some time over the holiday break going through little snippets of wisdom I had accumulated over the past year that keep me motivated to always be doing something of value that will contribute to the success of my organization.

One post from last summer by entrepreneur Mike Maddock is a good one to start the New Year on...I’ve added my own spin for these 3 Simple Questions That Can Change Your Law Practice:

1. What is the outcome I want?

Keeping in mind the end game will help stop you from focusing too much on the bumps along the road. Getting distracted by problems instead of focusing on solutions keeps you stuck where you are.

2. What stands in the way?

Identifying obstacles and then finding ways to eliminate, avoid or neutralize those obstacles is fundamental to business success. 

3. Who has figured it out already?

Successful people learn not only from their own mistakes, but also from the mistakes of others.

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