October 1, 2014


September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014

7 Steps To Building A Strong Brand For Your Law Firm

1. Be noticed. First impressions are lasting ones. Prospects will draw conclusions about the quality of your legal services from your website, your blog, your marketing materials, your business card, your office space and even the way you dress.

2. Be connected. Identify your ideal target market and speak to them directly in everything you do. Be everywhere they are – on social networks, smart phones, community organizations, etc.

3. Be clear. Speak to prospects in a language they can understand; don't overwhelm them with legal jargon. Stay focused on your target market and the messaging that appeals to them.

4. Be obvious. Don't make prospects and potential referral sources guess at what you do. Educate them, making the benefit of doing business with you obvious.

5. Be consistent. Consistency of message makes prospects feel secure and that they can trust you. Make sure your messaging across all marketing platforms is consistent.

6. Be different. Assess your competition and identify areas where you are different and better, then communicate that difference to your target market. Let prospects know exactly why they should choose you.

7. Be direct. Include calls-to-action in your law firm marketing efforts that invite prospects to interact with you. Always remember to ask for the business.

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