August 15, 2022

Volume XII, Number 227


Anderson & Boback

Anderson & Boback is a highly respected Chicago family law firm, skilled in negotiation and litigation. When divorce and other family law issues make your life chaotic and uncertain, you want your case resolved as quickly and fairly as possible. Anderson & Boback is a law firm that approaches each case and client as a person—with fears that need to be calmed and expectations for results that deserve to be met.

The firm is devoted to the practice of family law and specializes in adoptions, divorce (both civil and military), post-decree actions, child support (in and out of state), visitation, custody, paternity, and prenuptial agreements.

Although the firm is primarily devoted to family law, at times the issues of a family law practice require the advice and representation for criminal complaints. We can assist on those matters, as well.

Through our honesty, efficiency, skillful negotiation and litigation experience, Anderson & Boback has earned a reputation in the legal community—the majority of our cases are referrals from other attorneys and legal resources.

With a focus on thorough preparation and aggressive negotiation, Kimberly J. Anderson, Janice L. Boback and Jessica C. Marshall use strategic thinking at the onset, detailed action plans and their knowledge of the nuances of Illinois family law to assist their clients. 

Much of our success comes from being aggressive negotiators when the situation demands it. In some cases, once you get aggressive on terms, things get done more quickly and a drawn-out trial is less likely.

When out-of-court negotiation does not work, our attorneys are tested litigators.


Contributing authors from Anderson & Boback:

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