2019 National Law Review Thought Leadership Awards

2019 NLR Thought Leadership Award Winners

The National Law Review’s 2019 “Go-To Thought Leader Awards” spotlight 75 exceptional legal authors selected from a pool of over 100,000 news articles published in 2019.

This is the second year the NLR editors formally recognized the unique talents of less than 1% of the publication’s 15,000 thought leaders in a wide array of legal practices --from Greentech to trade regulation, from cybersecurity to immigration law, from marijuana legalization to whistleblower protection.

The NLR Go-To Thought Leadership recipients not only demonstrate a depth of legal knowledge but also outline the steps needed for compliance and/or adaptation. These designated authors are not only reader favorites but are often quoted in other publications and/or syndicated in other media.

With the high volume of legal news the National Law Review publishes daily, the selected authors truly are the ‘Go-To Thought Leaders’ in their legal specialties.

Insurance, Arbitration, & Mediation
Bankruptcy - Fraudulent Transfers, SBA
Social Media + Biz Development
Massachusetts and Connecticut Corporate Law
Cybersecurity - CCPA Implementation
Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation Law
New Jersey and New York Employment Law
Employment Immigration Regulations
Entertainment & Sports Insurance
Insurance, Arbitration, & Mediation
Practice Group: Maritime Law & Litigation
Opportunity Zones Investment Tax Law
Opportunity Zones Tax Regulations
Opportunity Zones Tax Regulations