May 21, 2018

May 18, 2018

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SCOTUS, Supreme Court, Murphy v NCAA
It's not every day that a Supreme Court decision gets covered not only in the pages of The New York Times, but also and Sports... Read More >
novation, government contract, m&a
In corporate transactions involving government contracts, “novation” has become a dreaded process.  Many buyers and sellers express... Read More >
Chipotle, wrongful termination, litigation
Many employers install video surveillance to stop theft and provide helpful evidence to support their employment decisions.  From a legal... Read More >
tesla, elon musk, controlling stockholder
In In Re Tesla Motors, Inc. Stockholder Litigation, the Delaware Chancery Court denied Defendants’ motion to dismiss an action brought by... Read More >
Bayh-Dole Act, patent, ip
Several important updates to the regulations in the Bayh-Dole Act went into effect on May 14. These changes will be important for recipients of... Read More >
USCIS, policy update, Immigration bullhorn
USCIS issued a policy alert on May 16, 2018, to announce that it will revise its policy guidance in the USCIS Policy Manual.  The changes will... Read More >
Cybersecurity, South Dakota, Insurance Law
South Carolina has become the first state to enact a version of the Insurance Data Security Model Law, which was drafted by the National... Read More >
DOJ, 'piling', collusion, penalties, fairness
On May 9, 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced a policy related to resolutions of criminal and civil corporate enforcement. The new... Read More >
paperwork, TRICARE, Gov Contracts
As we recently reported, OFCCP is evaluating affirmative action obligations for TRICARE providers ... Read More >
flooding, mitigation, risks, government, FEMA, agencies
Across the vast geography of the United States, flood is no stranger to any of the states. From the... Read More >
white house, national security council, advisor, cybersecurity
On May 15, the White House announced that it was eliminating the position of Cybersecurity... Read More >
sec website, fictional, ico, non-exempt, howeycoin
The Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) has taken to using humor and sarcasm to educate... Read More >
hipaa, disclosure, phi, individual, healthcare provider, disclosures
A celebrity collapses on stage and is rushed to the hospital. Rumors race through social media... Read More >

Federal Court News

patent, joint inventor, litigation

Following a rejection by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) under section 102(f) for a rehabilitative dog harness, the Federal...

smoke, fda, smoke free

On May 2, 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) filed its brief in response to Appellants Nicopure and Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition’s appeal in the lawsuit challenging aspects of the Tobacco Control Act (TCA)...

spousal revocation, consent, expressly stated, tcp, collections
by: Nicole Su

One of the biggest challenges collectors face when trying to honor consumer consent preferences is how to treat a stop call request received from a customer who has multiple accounts in collections with the caller.

patent office, bri

The United States Patent Trademark Office announced on May 8 that it proposes to replace the broadest reasonable interpretation (“BRI”) standard for construing unexpired patents with the same standard used in Federal district...

gavel, indigenous people, nlra, cwa

Ninth Circuit joins D.C. and Sixth Circuits in holding that NLRA applies to tribal gaming enterprise 

In Pauma v. National Labor Relations Board, 2018 WL 1955043 (9th Cir. 2018), Casino...

double gavel, arbitration, class action

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments last week to determine whether an arbitrator’s award in a Title VII class action applies only to the 254 employees who are named plaintiffs or otherwise opted in to the class...

State Court News

job interview, hiring

Connecticut is about to join a growing number of states and localities that have prohibited employers from inquiring about an applicant's pay history during the hiring process. On May 4, the General Assembly approved a bill...

dice, mississippi, gaming commission

The Mississippi Gaming Commission held its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, May 17, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. at the Jackson offices of the Mississippi Gaming Commission. Executive Director Allen Godfrey, Chairman Al Hopkins and...

turbine, offshore wind, maryland

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) had opened up its Offshore Wind Business and Workforce Development Grant Programs for the 2019 fiscal year.

The two offshore wind programs are intended to work...


eu parliament, mep, elections


Next week is a political group week in the European Parliament.  Members of the European Parliament (“MEPs”) will hold meetings with their respective...

brexit, eu-uk split, banks, transition, ecb

On May 16, the European Central Bank (ECB) published an article on the impact of a potential Brexit transition period (for more information on the proposed transition period, please see the ...

nanotechnology, EUCHA, EU

The European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON) has posted the workshop...