December 3, 2021

Volume XI, Number 337


December 02, 2021

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December 01, 2021

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November 30, 2021

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Freddie Mac complying with Address Confidentiality Program
As of yesterday, any new Freddie Mac mortgage funded will need to comply with state... Read More >
overdraft fee non-sufficient funds bank receipt
Based on two new research reports (see here and here) the CFPB will increase supervision... Read More >
Bank Secrecy Act & Anti Money Laundering Examination
The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council ("FFIEC") added one section and ... Read More >
US Immigration Terminology for Noncitizens
We have all heard the terminology. Whether it be referring to an individual as “illegal”... Read More >
Sustainability-Linked Derivatives
ISDA assessed how existing derivatives regulatory regimes would apply to sustainability-... Read More >
Anticipated Details About the OFCCP New Contractor Portal
As we reported earlier this year, on August 31, 2021, the Office of Management and Budget... Read More >
Settlement Agreement for H-1B Petitions in Madkudu v. USCIS
USCIS entered into a settlement agreement in Madkudu v. USCIS that may signal changes in... Read More >
Women Who Code Cybersecurity Opportunity
I have been advocating for gender equality in Cybersecurity for years [related podcast ... Read More >
Tracking Drones in Real Time
The incorporation of drones in logistics, security, exploration, agriculture, and... Read More >
 Reimagining Electric Vehicles Act in Illinois
On November 16, Illinois enacted the Reimagining Electric Vehicles Act (REV Act) which... Read More >
Latin words in legal language
Many legal words include silent letters.  For example, what possible reason could there... Read More >

Emerging Legal News


Federal Law News

Sixth Circuit Amicus Briefs on OSHA ETS

Over the next week, we expect a flood of amicus briefs opposing and supporting OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard.  There are already ten such briefs on the main docket, with many more listed amici yet to file, and many more...

Federal Circuit Affirms Invalidity of Method of Treatment Patent

On November 30, 2021, the Federal Circuit affirmed the Northern District of West Virginia’s invalidity finding as to a method-of-treatment patent, based on a lack of written description.


Courts Halt Federal Vaccination Mandates

The Biden Administration’s various vaccine and/or testing mandates for employers with over 100 employees, certain healthcare providers, and federal contractors, continue to face significant legal challenges. Following is an...

Challenging Trademark Acquired Distinctiveness

For the second time, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit examined the standard for demonstrating fraud in a party’s claim of a trademark’s acquired distinctiveness for purposes of registration under Section 2(f) of...

Ex Parte Proceedings Changes in New PTAB Regulations

The US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) recently published its final rules implementing provisions of the Trademark Modernization Act of 2020 (TMA). Most changes are effective as of December 18, 2021, but certain changes (i...

Dispute on Arbitrability Needs an Arbitrator

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit found that a license agreement between two parties required an arbitrator to determine whether a dispute between the parties had to be heard by an arbitrator. ROHM...

Federal Circuit PTAB Patent Claims Adverse Judgment

In Arsus, LLC v. Unified Patents, LLC, (Fed. Cir. Nov. 16, 2021), the Federal Circuit affirmed, through a Rule 36 judgment, the PTAB’s ruling granting a Request for Adverse Judgment After Institution of Trial.


State Law News

PFAS Soil Standards

On November, 2021, Pennsylvania officially publishes PFAS soil standards for cleanup processes in the...

Equitable Distribution and Taxes After Divorce in NJ

There’s an old saying that the only sure things in life are death and taxes. Hopefully, death is a long way off, but sadly, taxes are here with us front and center. In the divorce process, the issue of taxes is something that...

California Court Decision Employee’s Breach of an NDA

A recent California Court of Appeals decision found nominal damages could be awarded for an employee’s breach of a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”), even if no actual harm was done to the employer.  An award of nominal damages...

COVID-19 Child Care Employee Leave Public Education School Children

In this episode of our Oregon Employment Law podcast series, Paul Cirner and Florence Mao discuss the employment law implications of school closures and quarantine orders related to COVID-19 exposure. The speakers detail...


 New Personal Information Protection Law in China

China’s new privacy law imposes heightened safeguards for the protection of personal information of its residents and...

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International Travel Restrictions Omicron COVID-19 Coronavirus Variant

As governments and people all over the world await more scientific data about the transmissibility and danger of the...

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China National Intellectual Property Administration English Guide

On November 30, 2021, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) released the ...

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