December 15, 2018

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The National Law Review (NLR) is a business to business legal news website developed for in-house counsel, business owners and executives, private practice attorneys, and insurance, finance, healthcare, human resources, and other professionals. 

We're the on-line descendant of a business law publication which started in 1888.   Our current website is a merger between a research database developed by in-house attorneys (the National Law Forum)  and the law journal the National Law Review (ISSN 2161-3362).  We’re one of the highest volume legal news websites in the U.S.

Around the clock, the National Law Review's seasoned editors screen and classify breaking news and analysis authored by recognized credentialed professionals and our own journalists.

The NLR connects readers who are looking for reliable  analysis of legal trends and business news.  For established professionals, NLR's broad reach and established reputation helps you reach a legal and business professionals. 

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Samantha Abernethy Law Firm Publishing, SEO and Legal Social Media Specialist
Publication Specialist / Web Manager
Samantha Abernethy is an experienced journalist and content manager, whose experience includes serving as website editor for  Samantha earned a Masters of Science in...
Alessandra de Faria lawyer, legal author web manager at the National Law Review
Publication-Specialist/ Legal News Author
Alessandra de Faria, JD is based in Seattle Washington and creates author profiles, formats and edits legal news articles, and publishes law-firm educational events posted to the National...
jennifer schaller National Law Review  attorney legal publisher and speaker on Law Firm SEO and Legal Thought Leadership
Managing Director
Jennifer Schaller, Esq. is the Managing Director and co-founder of the National Law Review on-line edition.  Prior to the National Law Review, Jennifer most recently served as in-house...
Lane Schaller Legal Website SEO and Technical Manager at the National Law Review
Technical Director
Lane is a co-founder of the National Law Review online edition and oversees all website and data computing functions as Technical Director. He was instrumental in the original site design...
Eilene Spear legal news editor and writer at the National Law Review
Operations Project Manager & Lead Writer
Eilene Spear is the Operations and Projects Manager for the National Law Review.  She edits and formats author profiles, legal news content and legal event listings from prominent law firms...
Monika Wiklik Legal Website Editor at the National Law Review
Publication Specialist / Database Manager
Monika Wiklik is a publication specialist based in our Chicago office.  In her publishing role at the National Law Review Monika helps curate legal thought leadership from leading law firms...
The National Law Review a law journal started in 1888
The National Law Review (NLR) is a unique website featuring hourly legal updates paired with a user-friendly database dedicated to providing legal consumers with authoritative legal...